Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Couples dancing is an amasing way of conecting people! It can push some of the normal social boundaries of everyday life.  It involves alot of intresting and fun meetings with stranges and friends. However, it also requiers that your dance partners’ bounderies are respected.

More and more people discover how fun and amasing it is to dance Lindy Hop. It is everyones’ responsiblity to create a safe and welcoming enviroment in our dance scene. Therefore all members of Cats’ Corner and everyone else attending our events is required to follow these code of conducts.


Everyone is welcome to Cats’ Corners event, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, looks, disabilities, religion or origin. Any sort of harasment is unacceptable, regardless if it’s sexual, racial or in any other form offensice is unacceptable. 

Our board members or teachers can always be contacted if a situation occurs. A participant that has been told to stop with an unsafe or offensive behaviour is expected to stop immediately. The board has the right to expel, temporary or permanently, a participant from all or parts of Cats’ Corners events. A suspended participant can not request financial compensation.

If you think your dancepartner is offensive, intrusive or is a source for risk of injury. Stop dancing, speak gently but affermative with the person. If the person dosen’t respect this, stop dancing and speak with a responsible at the event. 

If your told by your dance partner or someone else that something your doing is uncomfortable, respect this. Something that’s acceptable for one person may not be it for another one. 

Never critise someones dancing if your not specificaly asked to do so. This goes for both classes and socialdancing. 

Specific for socialdance

Adapt your dancing! Be aware of your partners dance ability, crowds on the dancefloor and your own shape of the day. 

It’s everyones responsible to not crash into each other on the dance floor. Keep your eyes open, regardless if your following or leading. Be aware of your dance partner postion and movement, and also the dancers around you. 

If you bump into, or crash into, another dancer, apologise. Regardless if you think it’s your fault or not. Make eye contact and apologise to the one you bumped into. 

Some dance moves aren’t appropriative on a social dance floor. Never try advanced aerials, dips or other acrobatic moves without first talking with your partner. Also try simpler variations first, that you’re on an agreement over. Advanced aerials and the likes are not allowed on the social floor, as it may harm you or the people around you. They are, of course, allowed during controlled practice, jams and shows. 

In the nordic it is customary to dance for two songs when your asked to dance. To leave the dance floor directly after one song may be offensive. Be aware of this if you prefer to dance for only one song. Also be aware that internationaly it’s custom to dance for only one song. A international guest may leave the floor prematuraly. Communicate with your dance partner, before or after a song if you like to dance one or two songs. 

Take care of each other! Be aware of your dance partners needs and everyone else at the dance event, and help each other when needed.