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Almost all covid-restrictions are lifted on the 29th of September for all that are vaccinated*.

Therefore we will no longer have pre-registration for the social dance on Wednesdays, and we will return to a more normal social dance.

To be able to do so, make sure you’re vaccinated!
If you for some reason can’t vaccinate, make sure to test yourself before dancing**.

Also, remember to accept a “no thank you” if you invite someone to dance. As we always do, but please take extra care. Everyone won’t be comfortable rotating partners as before.

In general, use your common sense, and we will be okay.

With that said, we start to re-open for social dance for real.
See you on a danefloor!
Kind regards
The board of Cats’ Corner.

*Government decision to lift restrictions by the 29th of september (available in English):…/fler-restriktioner-tas…/
*Report from press gathering about lifted restrictions (only available in Swedish), among other things, it’s said to be okay to dance at nightclubs again.…/den-29-september-forsvinner…
**Public health agency of Swedens’ recommendations for unvaccinated (available in English):…/ovaccinerade-bor…/
**Press-report with general manager for the public health agency, among other things “Unvaccinated – no dancing” (only available in Swedish)–ingen-dans

After a long hiatus of courses and events, we aim to start-up something this autumn. Starting of with a social dance/training on Wednesday evenings, with a mandatory pre-registration, link under “Themed courses & event” further down this page.

Wednedsay Night Hop

We usually organize a social dance at Moriskan Pavilion in Folkets Park on Wednesday from 19:45-23:00. Many evenings include some kind of fun taster class. Take a look at our Facebook page for updates. It may be that we change venue, we will notify you via Facebook if that is the case. A little further down on this page you will find our Facebook events.

Note that we currently change venue quite often due to difficulties to use the grand hall at Moriskan currently. Make sure to check our Facebook, where we update the current venue.
We hope to move back into Moriskan soon.

Malmö Spring Jump

Every year we organize our big annual workshop, Malmö Spring Jump. For more information about Malmö Spring Jump jump to

Themed courses & events

Currently we do not arrange any courses or big events. We aim to restart this when the Covid-situation allows it. For now we will dance on Wednesdays.

Facebook events

We publish all our events on our Facebook page.