Front desk volunteering

We often need help to manage the front desk at Wednesday Night Hop.
As a thank you, if you help out for 30 minutes (one time slot) you’ll get free entrance for the night.
If you’ve never volunteered at the front desk before, we will be there to guide you on how it works.
It’s quite simple and quite social 🙂

If you like to help out, sign-up using the form below. You can sign up one month in advance. We’ll send you a confirmation email, please check your spam folder if you haven’t received the e-mail. If we for some reason need to make changes, we’ll notify you via e-mail.

Note! We ask you to sign-up at least 30 minutes before the start of Wednesday Night Hop. There will be a list at the front desk, so you can sign up for free slots when you arrive as well.

Thank you for helping out!
Kind regards
The organizers at Cats’ Corner

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